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I have known John H.

Leavitt first as a friend, and then as a real estate professional for almost 20 years. Mr. Leavitt and his wife became my neighbors across the street in the mid 1990's. Since he began his career in real estate it has been my privilege, as an attorney, to work with him in a number of real estate transactions for both buyers and sellers. My clients often expressed appreciation for his assistance and guidance in negotiating the terms of their contracts whether buying or selling property and his knowledge concerning many issues and aspects concerning the real estate market. Unlike many real estate persons I have experienced in my 46 years as a practicing attorney, John continued to be of assistance and guidance to his clients after the contract signing in matters such as obtaining mortgage commitments, home and building inspections, repairs and remediations when necessary, obtaining certificates of occupancy and fire/carbon monoxide compliance certificates, arranging final utility readings, pre-closing inspections and the like. During all of these transactions he has always been personable, friendly and professional in his contacts with his clients and my office, promptly responds to phone, e-mail or fax communications and in general has been a pleasure to work with throughout.

John Crammond

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